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The credentials for Ki Transitions are founded on the broad commercial experience that Hilary Mitchell has gained, in a corporate and consultancy context, and supplemented with that of the Associates. 

Projects & clientele

We cater for clients from many industries: healthcare, events and travel, environmental and humanitarian issues, amongst others, and have translated for a wide range of businesses – from blue-chip companies and clinical research organisations to local tourism offices and independent retailers.

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Quality assurance

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. All our translations undergo rigorous checking before being dispatched to the client which involves revision by the translator and a second linguist. For you this means peace of mind.

Quality is no coincidence, but the result of a diligent process. This is why our workflow incorporates the “eight steps to a high-quality translation”:

1. Pre-translation assessment: ambiguities – clarification with the client
2. Translation: first draft
3. Terminology research
4. Translation: second draft
5. Proofreading and editing, phase I: translator
6. Style check: Does the text “flow” as well as the original?
7. Proofreading and editing, phase II: second translator
8. Reviewing changes and polishing text: first translator